An integrated Service for Exhibitors, Exhibition and Conference Organizers

We offer an integrated service, designed to meet any demanding need and request, in order to make your deliveries on time and with security, based on the worldwide network via air, road and sea transport. We always use the mode of transport depending on your request/needs, weight, volume and time frame for delivery that is required.

Our professional team provides excellent service to our clients within all exhibition and congress venues. Furthermore, we can also provide exhibition logistic services, along with lifting equipment, unloading and storage.

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Our ON-SITE services includes :

  • Unloading and delivery of exhibits to your stand.
  • Collection from your stand after the end of the exhibition and loading on trucks.
  • Positioning by using the appropriate lifting equipment.
  • Hiring lifting equipment for the build-up and dismantling assistance of your stand.

Our transportation services includes :

  • Urgent deliveries via dedicated truck/van.
  • International collections and within Greece.
  • Return of your exhibits after the end of the exhibition back to their origin or to any other show worldwide.
  • Temporary storage of exhibits in between exhibitions for short or long terms.

Airfreight transport
Airfreight services to worldwide destinations, by providing urgent timetables, for small packages or chartering a freighter aircraft.

Road transport Capable support with a wide range of options for road transport, rendering services, deliveries from and to your premises.

Sea transport
Sea transport where we provide a method of transport for bulky, heavy and non-urgent exhibits to their destinations, using the most efficient, quick shipping company.

Customs regulations and requirements vary depending on the destination country. Our partners are aware of all the requirements in order to customs clear all kinds of exhibits.
Furthermore, we can provide our assistance in completing all documents that are needed for any destination worldwide.

Export and import customs formalities include the following :

Internal customs formalities for import and export at all customs stations within Greece. Import customs formalities for temporary or permanent status. Re-export customs formalities after the end of all exhibitions. Assistance on completing the required customs documents for the re-exportation, including ATA CARNET forms.

Completion for ATA CARNET forms

The ATA CARNET is an international document that permits duty-free temporary import of the specified products for one year. This document allows the exhibitors and exhibition organizers to use this document for many destinations worldwide. The ATA CARNET is accepted for many countries but not all.
Kindly contact us for further guidance concerning this document.

Storage of empty boxes and return after the end of the exhibition.
Storage of exhibition goods and return before the opening , during and after the end of the exhibition.

Storage at our warehouse facilities:

We can also offer long and short term storage at our warehouse facilities that is located in Aspropyrgos Attica under a safe custody.
A storage option is ideal for exhibitors and exhibition organizers who do not have sufficient or free space for their equipment.
Exhibits and stand building material can also be stored for the intermediateness period from one exhibition to the next.